Thursday, February 21, 2008


Let me lay out really quickly why I've been away from this blog so long.

I'm in Africa. I have been since the 9th. Right now it's the 21st.

This place is crazy! I'll post more about it when I have time, but suffice to say, it is a bustling place.

I am living in a smallish cottage with one of my two bosses and another member of my team (Heather). Contrary to what I was told by my supervisor, the cottage doesn't have wireless. My bosses have equipment that hooks them up to the cell network, and that's how they access the internet; I don't have that luxury, so to even check my email I have to ask them. And it's expensive to check email via the cell network, so my time is very limited. There's no real internet cafe here either.

The first week I stayed in Johannesburg. There WERE internet cafes there, but I had very little time. Definitely not enough to write out a blog post.

My one saving grace is the sports bar just outside town; it's a combination bar/hotel/expensive golf resort, and they have free wireless everywhere. All you have to do is tell the people at the gate you're using the bar.

And yesterday I finally got the truck I'll be using for the rest of my trip. So now I can finally hang out long enough to catch up on posts. Expect another within a couple of days; I'll show exactly what I've been doing all this time. And I'll put up some photos!

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